• Jumper's Knee: The Complete Guide

    This is a good article on jumper's knee originally posted on by Jim Brown on June 26, 2009. Overview You don’t have to be a jumper to get jumper’s knee, but that activity would put you in a high-risk group. Patellar tendinitis, the medical term for jumper’s knee, is a frequently reported overuse injury in many sports.

  • Dyer signs with D1 University of Wisconsin

    Recently, I had the privilege of attending the signing of one of the basketball players that I am so blessed to work with, Makailah Dyer! I am so proud of Makailah! She has worked extremely hard to put on 20 lbs of explosive muscle over this past off-season.

  • Don't Waste A Minute

    As we go about our fast paced lives, ever so often we come in contact with someone whose life story remind us of how precious life is and why it is essential to live every moment with passion and purpose. Recently I had one of these ever important encounters with a member of the Hangtime90 community, Jason Guttenberg. As 2011 comes to a close, I hope Jason's story below will inspire you to live fully, love deeply, and make a difference in the lives of others around you!

  • Top 5 basketball dunks of all time

    Here are my top 5 NBA dunks of all time... #5 Amare Stoudmire #4 Nate Robinson   #3 Spud Webb   #2 Blake Griffin   #1: Michael Jordan

  • Who Says NFL Linemen Aren't Athletic?

    Who says that big NFL linemen aren't athletic? Check out this 11 second video below...  

  • Tighter Dribbling Drills with John Wall

    To tighten up your dribbling, check out this video from from with John Wall.....

  • Squatting to increase my vertical jump? Won't they hurt my knees?

    Every time I introduce basketball players to lower body strength exercises like squats, I get this question all the time, "won't squats hurt my knees?" My take on squats is this....if you perform the movement properly it can be a great benefit to increasing your vertical jump,your basketball performance, and actually reduce the likelihood of injury to your knees. But if you have poor form (like about 80% of all squats I see people doing in gyms) you will not only be more likely to develop knee p...

  • Jump Higher with this hamstring flexibility exercise video (4:30)

    Hamstring mobility is a key part of maximizing your vertical. Basically, if your hamstrings are not mobility, you won't jump your highest. A common cause that I see in basketball players is that when their hip flexors get tight, their glutes get weak, and their hamstrings compensate by getting short and tight.

  • Top 5 Tips to Get an Athletic Scholarship (or get recruited) part 2

    I want to pass along the top 5 tips to get an athletic scholarship from Student Athlete, which is a super resource for athletes to get recruited.... #5. Cast a wide net of options- It's usually a bad idea and unrealistic to target just a few schools near home.

  • Is my kid playing too many games?

    Before I address this very important question that directly affects your son or daughter, I would like to share a little about my background and zoom out to look at the bigger picture of the state of basketball in the USA. I have been training middle school and high school basketball players for over 11 years. I do this because I love the game of basketball and I am passionate about impacting young people in a positive way.

  • Vertical Jump training for Youth Athletes

    I've received quite a few questions lately about vertical jump training for youth athletes so I thought I would take a little time to share what kind of vertical jump training I use with my 3 year old daughter. Below is a short video of my training session with her on our recent California vacation (hey, vacation doesn't mean a break from training). Alright....I know...I'm having a little fun with this serious topic, but the sad thing is I still get requests from the parents of 8 year olds about...

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